Admiral the Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE

Address at the Unveiling and Dedication of the Channel Dash Memorial monument


If you are prepared to give your life in the service of your country and for the protection of others you should be remembered. The Channel Dash involvement of 825 naval Air Squadron is the story of 18 airmen who displayed suicidal bravery 68 years ago today and is close to the heart of many of those present this afternoon. As patron of the Channel Dash Memorial Trust I am delighted that so many family and friends of the ‘Heroes’ are here with us on this highly significant and poignant occasion, along with representatives of the many who have made this memorial possible.


As the Daily Mail reported at the time:


“This is an episode in the Battle of the Straits of which Britons can be rightly proud. In planes which, against the German protecting aircraft, were as slow as cart horses compared with a motor car, 18 men of the Fleet Air Arm flew over the channel. Crippled and ablaze they got within range, they kept on, delivered their attacks and – died!” 

‘18 men we shall never forget"